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What tax opportunities am I missing to reduce the amount of tax I pay?
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Tax Planning for Medical Dental Practitioners

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Efficient tax planning with Legal & Medical

Tax planning is a vital component of wealth management. With effective basic, advanced and inheritance tax planning, you can minimise the amount of tax you have to pay and maximise the tax allowances available to you.

Basic Tax Planning

For doctors and dentists who work on a rotation schedule, issues can arise concerning your tax code. This could mean you are owed a tax rebate or, worse case scenario, you owe tax.

Advanced Tax Planning

There are tax and personal liability implications depending on your business structure, tax reliefs and allowances available for GP practices and dental surgeries, estate taxes, inheritance taxes and gift taxes; all need to be considered in your financial plan.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Without effective inheritance tax planning, your loved ones could end up paying more tax than they need to on any money you leave them when you die.

Tax planning advice for doctors and dentists from Legal & Medical InvestmentsHow we can help you

There are many ways you can minimise the amount of tax you pay today and the tax your loved ones may have to pay in the future.

At Legal & Medical, we explain the pros and cons of each, agree with you on the best way to limit the amount the HMRC gets, and how this affects (or not) your overall financial plan.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax planning, estate planning, or trusts.

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