How We Work

Our 6 Step Approach

It’s not just our specialist knowledge and expertise that makes us different; it’s our values and behaviours too. We’re personal and genuine, honest and thorough, professional and focused on you, as both an individual and a medical professional throughout your career and life. It’s these unwavering principles that are embedded throughout our 6 step approach to turning your financial dreams into reality.


Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

We start by getting to know you over a cup of tea.

Current Financial Portfolio

Your Current Financial Portfolio & Next Step

What do you currently have in place? Is it right for you and performing as it should? We’ll take a look and outline a plan that you’re comfortable with.

Outline Financial Plan

Let's Shake On It!

We’ll agree the outline plan and your preferred method of payment. Is it by fee, commission or a bit of both?

Financial Plan Design

Planning Your Financial Portfolio

We’ll design your individually tailored financial plan based on your needs and our access to the whole of the market.

Financial Plan in Action

Agreeing and Putting the Plan in Place

We’ll go through our recommended financial plan with you, answering the questions you’ll undoubtedly have, before we then take care of all the paperwork.

Financial Plan Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring & Managing

We’ll regularly review your financial position and make sure that your plan stays on the right track.

How We Are Paid

At Legal & Medical, we believe in trust and transparency. During your free, no obligation initial consultation, your L&M financial adviser will explain the various payment options, discuss with you which route is best for you and which you’re most comfortable with.

No charges will be made until we have agreed with you the payment option of your choice: payment by fee, by commission or, by fee and commission.


If you are a doctor or dentist seeking financial planning, investment advice or wealth management guidance, contact us for a 1-HOUR FREE, no obligation consultation either in person or over the phone.