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Child Benefit Changes

Will they affect you?

In less than one months’ time, on the 7th January 2013, new child benefit rules come into force that will affect more than 1 million families across the UK.

Does this include you?


Top 5 Money Saving Tips

Before the year end

We spend a lot of time working long hours to put money in our pockets. Why then do we spend less time managing it better so that it doesn't unnecessarily slip through our fingers?

Here are 5 simple, yet highly effective ways you can ensure what’s rightfully yours stays in your bank account, without any hidden surprises later on.


U-Turn on Child Benefit

Your budget deficit needs you higher rate taxpayer

After initially stating that the Child Benefit system would remain universal, the Coalition Government has now changed its mind and said that it will be means tested.

Why the change of tack?


It's Holiday Time!

3 ways to add to your holiday spending money

Despite the recession, the poor weather is leading to an increase in the number of Britons heading abroad for their holidays. Are you one of them?

Instead of applying the ‘‘I’ll sort it out later’’ mentality and leaving your holiday finances to the last minute, why not add to your spending money with these 3 simple, quick and easy tips.


Real Time Payroll Reporting

Your legal obligations

From April 2013, all employers will be legally required to report PAYE to the HMRC in real time (RTI).

What does this mean and who does it apply to?


Disorganised Chaos or OCD Tendencies

Where are your important documents?

As we get older, our lives seem to become more and more 'cluttered'. Everyday items become yesterday’s belongings that end up being stored in the garage instead of being thrown away.

Cassette players, ZX Spectrums, even Dad’s home cine finds its way in there! You just never know “when you might need them again!


Changing Rules

How you receive financial advice is about to change

What have financial services and the NHS Pension Scheme got in common? They’re both about to undergo one of the biggest changes in their history.

From the 1st January 2013, financial advisers and planners will be governed by new rules known as the Retail Distribution Review (RDR). These rules will affect everyone and anyone who receives financial advice but exactly how and what does this mean in practice?


Budget 2012:

How it affects doctors and dentists

The run up to this year’s budget was a nervous one for many in the UK. Would the Chancellor George Osborne cut the 50% tax rate? Heaven forbid would he drop the tax reliefs that private pensions benefit from?  The possibilities were endless…

Whilst in reality the Budget 2012 ended up being more of a halfway house than what it could have been, how does it actually affect doctors and dentists?

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