Financial Seminars for Doctors and Dentists

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Throughout the year, we provide free seminar events for medical and dental professionals on a variety of financial topics. Held in hospital departments, medical practices and at national conferences, our 30-45 minute presentations are always specific to the profession of the attendees, depending on whether they’re doctors or dentists and even their specialism.

Seminar topics

Whilst a presentation can be on any financial aspect, pensions is our most popular seminar topic for which we:

  • Provide a background on pensions
  • Explain how the NHS Pension Scheme works
  • Detail recent changes to the NHS Pension Scheme
  • Highlight any forthcoming changes to the NHS Pension Scheme
  • Explain how all these changes affect you

Whatever the subject matter, our seminars are always lively discussions that encourage interaction from you to ensure all your questions are answered.

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